Windows Update Error 80072ee2 (WSUS)

After installation of a new Windows 7 machine with the newest version of the Windows Update Agent installed in the reference image (<version>), the Software Updates scan initiated from Configuration Manager would fail with the error 80072ee2 (Connection Timeout).

Win32 Error = 5 When Initiating Secondary Site Deinstall in ConfigMgr 2007 During ConfigMgr 2012 Distribution Point Upgrade

I’ve just started testing the process of reassigning a distribution point from ConfigMgr 2007 to ConfigMgr 2012 (previously known as Distribution Point Upgrade) and hit my first hurdle… In this particular environment, there are over 100 Secondary Sites at the end of slow links that operate as Management Point proxy, Distribution Point and PXE point. …

Enabling Attributes for Existing Classes in SMS_Def.mof

ConfigMgr’s Hardware Inventory feature allows information from WMI on a PC to be easily transferred and recorded in the ConfigMgr database for reporting, or collection targeting purposes. Performed on: Configuration Manager 2007 R3 In this example, I intend to collect the DNS client (primary and secondary) settings and the DNS domain search suffix order. I …