Back in June, Microsoft launched their UserVoice site for ConfigMgr (announcement on ConfigMgr dogs). It looks like if the new technical preview 2 is anything to go by they are really shaping this product based on feedback from the site (or perhaps similar feedback given prior to UserVoice). Either way, I’ve just given my 2 cents worth, so go Vote for these changes!!

Increase performance of incremental collections
Incremental collections are an invaluable component of Configuration Manager 2012 that is unfortunately held back by the performance implications of having too many (based on the best practice limit of 200). While the -need- for frequent updating collections was reduced based on an applications conditions, there is still an industry preference to manage application availability using Active Directory groups. As a result, the number of collections potentially benefiting from incremental collection updates is high. I work around this by parsing collections that reference AD groups, checking if they’ve been updated recently and then requesting collections updates of relevant collections. This works, but simply being able to tick incremental collections would be way better and more discoverable for most Configuration Manager users.

Software Update Patch Tuesday Scheduling
It would be really great if when configuring an Automated Deployment Rule you could configure it to run based on the number of days / weeks since “patch Tuesday” (especially in countries other than the USA where “patch Tuesday” is actually a Wednesday and not necessarily the second Wednesday of each month). I currently get around this by having a script detect when patch Tuesday has passed and subsequently execute an ADR and create one or more deployments based on the number of weeks since that date. This works fine, but an in product solution would be better.

To make your own suggesting or vote for other ideas, seeĀ ConfigMgr UserVoice.
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