This custom management pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 or higher is designed to monitor the availability of the Configuration Manager client service (SMS Agent Host) and monitor client installation status. The management pack works with clients for Configuration Manager 2007 or Configuration Manager 2012.

Download from TechNet Gallery – ConfigMgr Client Basic Management Pack for Operations Manager.

Configuration Manager 2012 now has some excellent tools built in to verify client health and (by default) automatically re-mediate client installation issues. At a basic level though the most important client health indicators are; installed and running. The installation status monitor ensures that proper processes are being followed (either client push, OSD deployment or manual installation) and the SMS Agent Host service monitor ensures the most basic level of functionality. These proactive monitors go a long way to ensuring the information collected by Configuration Manager is as accurate as possible. More severe issues with client health are best monitored using the Client Status features in Configuration Manager. For a great overview of the Client Status feature, see Keeping System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Clients Active and Healthy. Or for a more comprehensive client monitoring management pack, head on over to Tao Yang’s blog – ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Client Management Pack Version

By default the management pack discovery is targeted at Windows Computer. If you have clients you don’t want to monitor, you will need to change this or create the relevant overrides.

The management pack was created using the Operations Manager 2007 Authoring console (available as part of the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Authoring Resource Kit). This management pack is provided as is with no warranties or support. You are welcome to provide feedback and I may or may not resolve it. You are of course welcome to edit the management pack yourself as it’s not sealed. While the management pack may or may not adhere to perfect standards, it does get the job done and meets the requirements it was originally created for.

Management Pack Details

Monitors and Alerts

The management pack comes with 2 monitors (enabled by default).

Name Description Parent Monitor Frequency
Configuration Manager Client Install Status Alerts when a Configuration Manager client (of any version) is not detected. Configuration Once an hour
SMS Agent Host Service Alerts when the SMS Agent Host service is not started. Availability N/A


The management pack comes with 2 views.

ConfigMgr Client MP Views (2012)

Name Screenshot
System Center ConfigMgr Client State ConfigMgr MP State View
System Center ConfigMgr Client Alerts  ConfigMgr MP Alert View

Each view has extra columns that can be added. I couldn’t find a way to add this without causing an error when opening the Authoring console. After importing the management pack, navigate to each view, select Properties and add the extra columns.


Name Frequency Method
System Center ConfigMgr Client Discovery Daily Registry: HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall
Configuration Manager Client found (also searches Wow6432Node)


Name Display Name Type Length
Installed Is Installed Boolean 10
Version Version String 30
SiteCode Site Code String 3
InstallPath Install Path String 255