I’ve been keeping an eye on the various iterations of what is now called Microsoft Operations Management Suite (MOMS) for a while now. Being a massive fan of the System Center range, I’ve been hoping for a simplified cloud version of this for a while now. MOMS doesn’t do anywhere near as much as OpsMgr does now, but it’s a great start. Given that both products have a common management agent installation on servers I can only hope that the features of the cloud version will reach or exceed parity with OpsMgr over time. OpsMgr serves a specific purpose and I don’t see that going away any time soon, but businesses looking to embrace cloud don’t want management software that is complicated to set up, maintain, administer and customise. They want it to be easy and get on with business. That’s what MOMS does now, it gives you some basic recommendations and some powerful log analysis tools.

It took me 20 minutes to set this up for a client with 6 servers. Given that the client uses OpsMgr technology, I saw the Operations Manager event log show similar events downloading management packs and taking a similarly frustrating amount of time for the initial discovery and data to be available.

The Dashboard after it was just configured:

MOMS Dashbaord


I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Anecdotal advice is that it’s expected that each agent will report 20MB of data a day. Obviously you should consider the internet data usage of these servers before connecting all of them to the service.┬áThe free tier includes up to 500MB of data input a day, while paid plans included unlimited input.

I highly recommend trying it out.