I haven’t been dealing with regional staff much recently but just received some thought provoking feedback. I’ve recently been doing a lot of instant message and email conversations as I personally find it easier to multitask, however today I was asked a simple question…

“Do you guys ever talk, or do you just IM and email?” (“you guys” – referring to central IT)

My immediate response was “I was in the middle of a few things and it seemed easier”. The final feedback was “It just highlights the difference between the west and the coast and how you do business”.

I know we are all busy, but perhaps this is an important reminder that we are working with people and people like interpersonal relationships and communication. Email and IM is very impersonal and while it’s fine for people who regularly communicate face to face or on the phone perhaps it’s not ideal for communicating with clients and people we haven’t spoken to yet. Email and IM is still an important group conversation, follow up and confirmation mechanism but maybe consider adding a bit more face to face or voice communication into the mix!

Food for thought.