For those of you who are using Windows Phone and Xbox Music Pass, I’m sure you would have come across problems with items you add to playlists not synchronising correctly to Windows Phone even though they show up perfectly in Xbox Music. My current method for adding songs my help you get around this problem….

Adding new songs

  1. sign in to
  2. Find the song you want to add
  3. Click the + button and select Add to collection
  4. Click the + button and select the playlist you want to add the song to
  5. Repeat for additional songs.
  6. Wait 10-15 mins
  7. Turn off your Windows Phone
  8. Turn it back on
  9. Go to Settings > email + accounts,
  10. Press and hold on Microsoft account, select Sync

If the new songs still doesn’t show up, wait another 10-15 and repeat steps 7-10.

Forcing a “Full” Sync of a Playlist

If you’ve previously added songs to playlists that don’t show up correctly, you can fix this by copying all the songs to a new playlist. Note that this will only work properly for songs that are correctly matched to the cloud.

  1. sign in to
  2. Click on Now Playing
  3. Click the bin icon to clear the playlist
  4. Select the playlist that is having problems
  5. Click the + button and select add to now playing
  6. Wait a few moments for all the songs to be added. Click on Now Playing and confirm that the item count matches your playlist. If it doesn’t click on the playlist again, wait a few moments, then click on Now Playing again and see if the number has updated.
  7. Now, while Now Playing is selected, click the + button
  8. Select Add to new Playlist
  9. Select a name for your playlist
  10. Use steps 7-10 above to get the new playlist on your Windows Phone device

Obviously this situation is undesirable and I’m sure Microsoft are working on a fix. I think some of it has to do with songs being added to playlists before they are added to your collection (via or matched to the cloud (via the Xbox Music app) essentially triggering a “change” in the playlist that can’t be synchronised properly because the song isn’t in the collection yet. Then, after that fails, it looks like Windows Phone doesn’t do any subsequent “full” synchronisations of playlists and only does additions. In case you haven’t already noticed it certainly doesn’t cope with removing songs from a playlist. The best way to remove songs is to use the steps above for copying a playlist.