Cisco have released a new version of the Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Lync. The new version supposedly offers the following benefits:

  • Connection with Voicemail server using REST interface
  • Docked window
  • Updated to new Jabber engine
  • Some support for Lync 2013 client

The updated client has moved away from the neat docking at the bottom of the Lync client in favor of a “docked window” that can be positioned in Top Left, Top Center, or Top Right. The client does not support the Windows taskbar being at the top of the screen.

I’ll cover functionality and configuration in a future post, in the meantime  below are some screenshots of the user experience differences.

Logon screen

The biggest thing to note here is that there is a completely separate undocked window.

8.6 9.2
 Logon screen 8.6  Logon Screen 9.2

Logged in

Again, the seperate window.

8.6 9.2
logged_in_8_6  Logged in 9.2

Place a call

Much the same here, still works well (apart from the initial confusion from staff about the difference between Lync call and Cisco Place a call).

8.6 9.2
 Place a call 8.6  Place a call 9.2

Call Logs

In 8,6, easy to find at the bottom of the Lync window. In 9.2, sneakily hidden at the top of the screen. Not so bad once you get used to it.

8.6 9.2
 Call Log 8.6 - 1  Call Log 9.2 - 1
 Call Log 8.6 - 2  Call Log 9.2 - 2

Outgoing call

Much the same here really.

8.6 9.2
 Outgoing 8.6 Image

It’s at this point that I have to remember that I’m being critical of an “free” tool (included with some Cisco VoIP offerings) that offers integration between 2 competing systems. However, I can’t help but feel like 9.2 is a bit of a step backwards in terms of “integration”.